Is A Gaming Laptop Worth It

Are Gaming Laptop Worth Buying in 2022? – Expert Opinion

Gaming laptops are amazing pieces of hardware that provide incredible performance. When used for gaming and many other tasks, they are perfect for anyone who wants to know what the ultimate experience feels like.

It is no surprise that the desire for this experience is accountable for the increase in demand for these devices. You may have considered purchasing one at a point in time, and rightly so, but is a gaming laptop worth it?

A gaming laptop should be worth your money as it is a powerful laptop with many features that give its user a great performance.

Yes, a gaming laptop is worth it if you buy it solely to play games. If you buy a gaming laptop to serve a much more different purpose, whether the laptop is worth it or not depends on many factors. We will discuss these factors in the section below;


Reasons to buy a gaming laptop worth it

1. Can play any high configuration games

Gaming laptops possess powerful hardware components. These hardware components contribute to the smooth running of high-configuration games. They include a powerful processor which provides a lot of processing power to run the games.

The processor handles the graphics required for high-quality gameplay. A graphics card allows the laptop to take care of the graphic-heavy tasks and provides the ability to play high-quality games.

Gaming laptops also often have several extra features essential for the best gameplay. These features include an advanced cooling system with many ports to connect to other devices.


2. High Configuration

Gaming laptops have several high configurations, including powerful processors and graphics cards. Regular laptops do not have these features.

The laptop displays its graphics at a very high resolution and provides a lag-free experience due to this configuration.

Gaming laptops possess large hard drives or SSD drives, enabling them to store many games or files.

So users do not have to worry about running out of storage space on their computers. These large hard drives are also important as it helps users access these games or files as quickly as possible.

Another important configuration is the laptop memory. Most gaming laptops come with at least 8GB RAM or more. Large laptop memory is very important in gameplay as the more size of memory you have, the more your game runs.


3. Can be used as a regular laptop

A gaming laptop is not just a powerful device for playing games – you can also use a gaming laptop as a regular laptop.

Regular laptops do not have the processing speed of a gaming laptop when carrying out different tasks. This results in poor performances.

A gaming laptop is a more powerful multitasking tool, which can handle more running tasks and games better than a regular laptop.

Gaming laptops also have a good keyboard and trackpad. This is important when working on word-processing documents. It also helps when receiving and sending emails.


4. Better resell value

Gaming laptops have a better resell value if they are held over time as they generally have a longer lifespan than other laptops. Their better resell value is because the gaming laptop’s design can withstand gaming strains. They are also durable, which makes them less likely to break or malfunction.

Also, gamers are more likely to procure a fairly used model due to the expensive nature of brand-new gaming laptops.

The resell value of a gaming laptop usually depends on the brand of the laptop. Some brands, such as Alienware and Razer, will most likely have a better resell value than others made by other brands.

The laptop’s model, specs, and if the gaming laptop still functions are important in determining the laptop’s resell value.


Reasons not to buy a gaming laptop

1. Expensive

Gaming laptops are generally more expensive than standard laptops. They usually cost between 800 US Dollars to 2000 US Dollars.

Manufacturers of gaming laptops equip their laptops with powerful hardware, unlike general laptops. These make gaming laptops expensive in nature.

Gaming laptops have high-quality sound systems and high-resolution display monitors. These are not found in general laptop models. They also account for the expensive nature of gaming laptops.

The high prices for these laptops become frustrating for some buyers. They have no choice but to turn to standard laptops with lower prices. These users then sacrifice the convenience that a gaming laptop offers. This means there is a potentially large market for these relatively inexpensive laptops.


2. Overheat and Noise

Gaming is a high-demand activity requiring a powerful device such as a high-end gaming laptop to keep up with the graphics and speed. However, when you keep the laptop running for a long period, it tends to overheat. The fans then spin faster, producing an uncomfortable noise that tends to be a nuisance most of the time.

When using a gaming laptop on an external monitor, the fans spin faster than normal and produce this noise. Too much heat and noise within a gaming laptop can shorten its life span by damaging its components.


3. Low battery life

Gaming laptops use power-consuming components such as processors and graphics cards. These components require a lot of power to keep them running for efficient usage. They weaken the battery and ultimately result in low battery life.

High-performance games require a lot of power and are the main reason these components use that much power to facilitate this. Simple tasks such as word processing do not require much power to run and will not reduce your battery life.


4. Can’t Upgrade

Gaming laptops usually come with a single graphics processor. This means that upgrading them increases the price associated with the gaming laptop. It is practically impossible to upgrade gaming laptop parts as they are limited in upgradeable parts.

Also, most gaming laptop parts are custom-made and fixated on the motherboard. Fixation to the motherboard means there will be no room left to add an upgradeable feature.

Even if you can upgrade these gaming laptop parts, the cost of purchasing them is usually high. This discourages users from trying to upgrade their gaming laptops.



Is a gaming laptop good for everyday use?

Yes, a gaming laptop functions the same way a standard laptop functions and even works better than most. However, letting the laptop cool off regularly is advisable to prevent overheating.


Do gaming laptops last long?

Gaming laptops can last over long periods. They have robust build quality, and their design can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They possess high-quality components combined with extensive testing. This helps to ensure a long-lasting and reliable product that can last even up to ten years if handled properly.


Is it better to get a gaming laptop or a PC?

Ultimately, the best decision lies in your needs and preferences. However, it is advisable to buy a gaming laptop as it offers what a standard PC can offer and more.



If you plan on playing casual games, you should go for a regular laptop as they will run fine on these laptops. However, a gaming laptop is the better choice if you want to play more demanding games.

If you are still unsure whether a gaming laptop is the right choice, speak to a sales representative at a laptop store. It is best to speak to a sales representative describing what you would love to use the laptop for. They will help you find the perfect laptop suited for your needs.

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